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We've got access to great Customized Hats, Raised lettering, Puffy Embroidery. Your Logo or their stock designs. These require 4-6 weeks in most cases and quantity is important. Super results! Our Vendors are highly rated.

Please note: ​Anyone producing T-shirts or other apparel for sale must get permission in order to use any image, trademark, logo or design that is protected by copyright. Businesses that do so are infringing the law. If the copyright has been registered with the U.S. Copyright Office, then the copyright holder has the right to sue for damages if his creation is used for profit without his permission (there is no enforcement without registration). Thus it is very important to secure that permission, which in most cases will involve a licensing arrangement.

Do not try to create a likeness, copy, change colors, etc. of a licensed Logo without express permission from the holder. 

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Stickers, Decals, Patches

We've got access to great embellishments for your helmets, car windows, and custom patches, (bulk orders min 50 pieces on embroidered patches). These require 3-6 weeks in some cases and quantity is important. Super results!

We've been in this business since 2005. 

Don't confuse us with the newbies,

one timers, and internet outsource pricing. 

We Know what you expect.

We are happy to help you meet your deadline if possible.

Full Color Cad-Print:

Photo realistic, high-definition designs with an unlimited color palette. CAD-PRINTZ full color digital transfers are available in a wide variety of options including matte and glossy finishes. No one off's, it's too pricey!

Cad-Printz™/Digi Prints® are ideal for artwork that contains multi color, special effects, patterns, or shading. No per-color fees. If you can't embroider or screen print it, CAD-PRINT it.

ScreenPrint Transfer:

A screen printed transfer (also known as a plastisol transfer) is an image which has been screen printed onto release paper. Instead of being directly screen printed onto a shirt or other item, the design is printed onto transfer paper, then applied with a heat press. 
Though screen printed transfers use the same inks and processes as other types of screen printing, the use of transfers holds several advantages.


In house services. We are happy to assist you in getting the look you desire. Add your Logo, your name, or choose a stock design that we can embellish.

Many new techniques to discover, including tackle twill, felt, raised lettering, laser cut and more!

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